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​​Let's Scale Up After-Hours Meetup: Women in Tech

December 15, 2024

Whatever stage your startup is, we help you go to the next level, with the customized support and partner matchmaking!

Join us for an exhilarating long Friday of innovation, collaboration, and growth at the Let's Scale Up After-hours Meetup. This event aims to bring together a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders, and sector professionals to foster meaningful connections, exchange knowledge, and accelerate the growth of promising startups and scale-ups. The LSU Meetup is a unique community gathering with match-making opportunities for startups after the event.

What do we offer?

Panels and Sessions: Engage with industry experts and thought leaders in insightful discussions and sessions covering relevant topics on scaling businesses, industry trends, investment strategies, and more.

Roundtables: Participate in interactive roundtable discussions to delve deeper into specific subjects, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights from experienced professionals.

Private Dinner: Network and connect with fellow attendees during a private dinner, fostering relationships and potential collaborations in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Matchmaking: A unique opportunity for start-up, scale-up owners and service providers/investors to connect, explore potential partnerships, and lay the foundation for future growth.


​​Let's Scale Up After-Hours Meetup Agenda

16:00 - 16:30

16:30 - 17:00

17:00 - 18:00

18:00 - 19:00

19:00 - 20:00

20:00 - 23:00


Opening Speeches

Keynote Speakers and Panel Discussions

Breakout Sessions and Roundtables

Networking: “Pitching while Matching” 

Private Dinner 

Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs and Startups: Looking to accelerate their growth, gain insights, and connect with potential investors and partners.

Investors: Seeking investment opportunities and interested in meeting innovative startups and scale-ups.

Thought Leaders and Industry Professionals: Wanting to share their expertise, network, and contribute to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Benefits for Selected Startups/Scaleups


Exposure and Networking:

Showcase your startup to a diverse audience of investors, industry experts, and fellow entrepreneurs.

Network with potential investors, mentors, and partners during the event.

Free Services:

Access to tailored matchmaking sessions with potential investors, service providers, and strategic partners, enabling valuable connections to drive growth. Opportunity for complimentary consultations and guidance from industry experts and advisors to enhance your business strategy.

Exclusive Roundtables and Panels:

Participate in exclusive roundtable discussions and panels led by industry leaders, gaining insights and knowledge crucial for scaling your startup.

Visibility and Recognition:

Featured recognition on event materials, website, and social media platforms, enhancing your startup's visibility within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Matchmaking Opportunities:

Tailored matchmaking with partner companies and investors based on your specific needs, ensuring targeted and meaningful interactions.

Post-Event Follow-Up:

Continued support and follow-up post-event to facilitate connections made during the event, ensuring ongoing opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Participating startups and scaleups will not only benefit from the exposure and networking opportunities but also gain valuable insights, expertise, and connections necessary for their scaling journey, ultimately enhancing their potential for success in the market.

Startup Selection Process


Application Submission:

Startups/scaleups interested in participating will be required to submit an application detailing their business, product/service, target market, growth strategy, and how they envision scaling their venture. The application will be available on our event website.

Qualification Screening:

Our team of experts will review the applications and assess startups based on predefined criteria such as product-market fit, innovative value proposition, growth potential, current size, and overall quality of the venture.

Interview and Evaluation:

Shortlisted startups will undergo SALP’s report to further evaluate their potential and alignment with the event's objectives. This stage will involve assessing the startup's scalability, alignment with the event theme, and their potential to benefit from the networking and matchmaking opportunities.

Final Selection:

A final selection of startups will be made based on the collective assessment from the application screening, and SALP report. Selected startups will be notified and invited to participate in the event.


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